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judydreams really good album, enjoyed nicely with a desert wine and a trampoline Favorite track: was something we all needed.
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When Ernest Hemming way met Allen Ginsberg. What a time Cigarettes and words Was or were all they had in common. Broke hips. Cold coffee. What happens tonight? We have till 9 but 9 is not a lucky number. Wait to see at 11:11. What do you believe? Mad men have something to say. sad men have nothing to say. but things to do. or maybe thats the other way backwards. don't go home. i love you. please stay. type this into the computer later. hide from doctors tell them the truth. be honest. i love you. don’t explain. explain when you need to. take down the government. they don’t believe people who say they will. peaceful protest. the liberal agenda. what is that except broccoli and that kids show my 5 year old watches. people are good. people can be mislead. i have been mislead? on the path i am meant to be on. government currupts. lies corrupt. lie to me baby so soft like an asshole. fuck. beautiful chaos my dad says. i love him. i love all who see their own truth and do not discourages other in this journey. liberal bullshit.. liberal neo liberal acoustics guitar. time and place tell me the time and place i will fight you danny. Miller light, Bud light, (PBR lite?) Michael is somewhere now, ill with his mouth-sore. I hope Charles is still going strong.
“Snow up to your chest” he said to me.V-I-D-E-O C-A-M-E-R-A-S I forgot to set up the video cameras in my room. Record. Always Record And You Will Live Forever. I found eternal life in pens and battery powered amps. I’m holding hands. Pissing in Jars in Hospitals in rooms and metal sliding doors. Fragment hold my hand. Saw me needing to piss. Jesus told me she was crazy too. checkers. Fuck it said we could make our wedding a happening. whats a happening she said. i love you. the beach boys make me happy the beach boys make me sad. wouldn’t it be nice through wall mounted phone distortions like it was being sung by a happier julian Casablanca or maybe it was young will toledo? which came first. chicken. egg. beach boys car seat headrest. the strokes. Virginia slims. cherry cola. coke snort 5th grad plaid vest. where was i. last somewhere like those dreams. i had as a child in the car drive away with no pilot. pilot light. blue lighter. blue black and gold. mark is with his mother don’t look back mark. tonight is the night. always has been. decaf coffee. don’t smoke can’t handle it. believe me love me. I remember when i was 16 mustang convertible sat in a different room but i was listening. do not create. listen transfer and record. always. i am home now. car ride home. mom talks low. like a mouth full of water. tired. pills. believe me if i had seen things at a younger age through the eyes of my own i would not be in this bed. flower sheets. cigarettes and words are all we have in common. go on on your way. leave me alone. love you. goodnight. call me tomorrow. do all tattoo shops have title about life and death? 9 lives. close dive.
I had a dream again. A hospital corridor or high school hallways. ran in a circle or something more like a larger rectangular wall with a smaller rectangular wall on the other side. just doesn’t make sense because i just woke up. So hungry. Time for Breakfast. no eggs just bread and water. grocery is the sound your stomach makes when it growls. G-R-O- C-E-R-Y. Good morning.
Six Thirty-Eight. Six is a traditional unlucky number because of it’s association with the devil and the fact that i was a total dick at 6 years old. 3 is to the best of my knowledge a good number, because it represents balance, and the most basic of structures. Jack white loved the number three but he was a dick sometimes. Eight is a number that i’m unsure of. I personally have some aversion to it because of the fact that it twists and turns but is closed. Eight is a number i refuse to be afraid of but it’s shape is not unlike my worst of nightmares. which involve being trapped by a system that puts you through a painful process more than once. Last night these systems involved some type of experimental lab. The college of charleston. and some type of hospital. There were also holes in my boots. the boots that just yesterday i told someone would last forever. Enough writing. Enough Nonsense. Time for the sunrise. Didn’t get enough sleep. maybe another day or some time later. Cigarettes Decaf. I love you. Don’t you fucking forget it.
Allen Ginsberg or more so jackson pollock? why not both and with less asshole.

` Chapter five nice guys warm day.
Six is not a lucky number friends mom at table near me cigarette in my hand punk music in my heart but good thing i’m wearing a collared shirt and a blazer. blue and light brown good color combo? what have i done? nothing wrong i hurt no one. marlboro menthols and dandy flowers or beer? Louise gets up and walks away because we can’t be friends anymore. Six is the number of the night after inauguration day. a week and one day from 13.
Chapter 7. Good Chapter. Written days ago titled “Happening Soon.” What’s happening will it be soon. Women’s basketball on the Tv. Number 25? Too quick of a look to tell. What happens? Nothing much good try well. Snow a man says next to me at the bar. I love the people i met there. NOTE TO CHANGE NAMES. Some of them were so sure of bar chair tall chairs short hair pomades. Murray’s. Around four dollars at Walgreens.
The following are notes from a magazine entitled “2600 The Hacker Quarterly” volume thirty three, Number Four. Should not have picked up this book. 8 is a bad chapter but Laptop battery was at 42% and time is 7:23 which is a good sign. The following lines will be marked out because they are plagiarized. These phases are considered common knowledge in the security fields: Phase 1: Roconnaissance Phase 2 Scanning- gathering informationsabout network. phase 3 gaining access
phase 4 maintingain access phase five covering tracks. Trump thought he could hide but i saw him on. Five percent. Bad luck day. But that’s okay.

Chapter nine. Keep head down low. Don’t look back mark. Keep going old man. Ten push ups. Walk. To the bathroom. Shit on the floor. Dear go the smell the man with the neck brace and wheelchair said. I am afraid of this place. But I sit here. Reminds me of the dream hospital. Not in layout or the people there but the ugly yellow lights an the pre-package memorabilia. Metal signs metals signs. Off track train kills me slow. How much is a pack of kools?
“Terrible night to be a smoker,” He says at the mic, “happy birthday to little girls and stage fright.”
Boom microphone went well sang a song about will. Making sense in the practical sense is senseless normie shit. Hockey. Hoodie. Give me a ride home? Thank you now leave me alone. Sociopathic tendencies. Black converse all stars drag kids low come on home. baby girl baby world. That old man has my tape.
Sitting drinking decaf. Spit in the ashtray didn’t work so i drank some water and spit that in. “Why did you do that?” he asked
“I never know” I replied. Read a book and he did a crossword. Karl. Believe thing or not it’ll all happen one day. Five percent bad luck energy. It’s okay. Just a late start to the day. End Chapter 10.
This will be the longest chapter. Hopefully. We always hope that the good outlasts the bad. Equal parts is the least we can ask for.
Believe me. This part was not meant to be. burned hands hurt bad now. what to do what to do.. blisters. no blisters. sleep away. dreams are better than this. falling asleep. cold hands stand alive in the midst of low burning fires and dry eyes. delete it now that you have surpassed the typwriter. writing machine it’s called in german. german it is called in english. new names for same old things. new things labeled with old names for market value. i believe in the lost vocabulary of bullshit. you believe that this is the last word you will read for now. going forward from here we walked along in the dark. with flashlights focused on small twigs. headphones on we listened. grab twigs throw in. watch. walk back. turn and look for them. they didn’t want to end the night this way. slow burn. almost a full moon. didn’t see a minute of it on the television. auto corrected. musicals have no place here. it is time for body on body end of the world shit. throw the ball. hit the next guy with all the force those cleats can give you. chapter thirteen. bad chapter. episode six?

3742123. I don’t remember those numbers. I wish i did. I wish i knew what they really meant. I understand their purpose now, but I hope to one day know what they truly mean. Sad day in the city. Sun was out but I saw no one except passing faces in cars. The occasional back-turned homeless person staring at bricks. Empty streets otherwise. What happens to you? Does anyone really know? I miss the place I was a month ago. Just as empty in the night sometimes, but always homes and good people to walk into.


released February 26, 2017

vocals/guita/drums/shower curtain-SCHMITT
drums-brandon mays
album art by loren jolley and schmitt
digital booklet by schmitt.



all rights reserved
Track Name: bad luck friday night
they asked me what and i said plastic bag